Appraisal for Tax Appeal

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

One of the most unwanted pieces of mail that every property owner receives is the annual notice of a tax assessment with a tax bill included.  The tax assessment process is similar to the real estate appraisal process; however, tax assessors rarely have the ability to assess each property individually, taking into account all attributes of each property.  An appraisal can be one of the most effective tools in the process of a tax appeal.  Our staff has several years’ experience with the tax appeal process in most counties in North Georgia.  We have saved property owners millions.  Our appraisers provide reliable and defensible appraisal reports and can be accompanied by testimony and further tax appeal consultation if necessary.  We have experience in handling tax appeals on all property types, residential and commercial.  Call us and let us take some of the guess work out of figuring out if your tax assessments are accurate.  We cover single family residential tax appeal appraisals in the following counties in North Georgia:

Barrow County
Gwinnett County
Jackson County
Hall County
Dawson County
Forsyth County

We also have experience in commercial properties, land and improved, in all areas in North Georgia.  Please call for commercial properties.  Attorney and property owner references are also available upon request.